The hybrid workplace is a lie

Lately I got the impression that this new “hybrid workplace” is a little white lie. A stepping stone to get people back into the office, fourty-something hours a week, for good.

Without a proper remote-first culture in place, people will start feeling left out. It will become obvious: “this hybrid thing just doesn’t work”. What has been a mess during the last year-and-a-half home office, will probably be a mess in the new hybrid mode, perhaps worse.

If you really want the pre-pandemic office —which is fine—, a hybrid arrangement may help you achieve that without causing too much pain or rejection. Just don’t call it that, but something that includes the words slowly or progressively. You’ll eventually get there without trauma.

If you honestly want something like a hybrid workplace, you need a remote setup that works for your company. A setup in which communication is open and effective, and people are productive and happy. Working remotely means being able to work from anywhere, also the office.

Thanks to José Ardila and Yann Schaub for proofreading and feedback.

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